Welcome to our Testimonial Page for Tulsa women’s boutique, where we showcase the experiences of women who have discovered confidence, acceptance, and understanding through fashion with the help of Creme de la Creme Boutique. Our boutique has been a destination for women looking to elevate their personal style and boost their self-esteem through fashion. We are proud to have played a role in empowering hundreds of women to look and feel their best. Our customers come from all walks of life, and each of their stories is unique, but they all share one common thread: the transformative power of fashion. We invite you to read the testimonials of our satisfied customers and discover how Creme de la Creme Boutique can help you find your confidence and enhance your personal style.

Hear from Adriana who has absolutely fallen in love with Creme De La Creme Tulsa women’s boutique.

Shelli, you must be peering into my life. I just saw your live from this morning and you left me in tears. I have struggled with the same things. It took me years to understand the pint/gallon thing. It wasn’t because I lacked anything at all. But, on another note, I too have struggled with this deep depression recently. I’m 51 so just a little younger but I think it’s menopause too. I take an anti anxiety but have been thinking I need an antidepressant. What you said about the mask really hit me. I deal with a lot of the shame and guilt for being ON all the time to the outside but inside I am paralyzed with depression. It makes me feel like I am not being authentic. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your courage. You come on those lives and give yourself and you don’t even see us in person while you’re doing it. I always say that if me going through my traumas and struggles can help one person that it is worth it. You have and do help me…so thank you for that.


Here at Creme De La Creme we help women with confidence at our Tulsa women’s boutique.

“Hey Shelli! I want to thank you for having J working with you. I’ve been in a low point in my confidence and she went above and beyond for me this evening. She made me feel so loved and welcomed!”


When you shop at Creme De La Creme we become family, we have built an amazing community for Tulsa women’s boutique. Hear from Wendy who became family after shopping at Creme De La Creme.

“I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you do! I am so happy we had a few moments to talk. May God continue to bless you and your family!”


We work with women to be confident in their own skin here at Tulsa women’s boutique.

“GURL!! You looked radiant last night. My goal for 2023 is to step out of my comfort zone and dress to please me instead of what is expected at my age and size. You are my inspiration! You absolutely ROCKED the little black dress!”


You can find us our Tulsa women’s boutique on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and check out our website! Hear from Dani about how they found us on social media and became family.

“I came across this boutique on Tiktok, and y’all the clothes are SO SO GOOD!!! Stylish, great quality, and affordable. Now, I live in WA state so I have to shop the app, and let me tell you, I ordered Sunday night and my packed was here on Thursday!!! And they are closed on Sunday and Monday. I placed another order on Tuesday (Don’t say I didn’t warn you because you will get addicted to her $20 Tuesday Live sale!!!) so yes, I placed another order and Y’ALL I just got a notification it will be here TODAY!!! That’s 2 days to get to me from Oklahoma!!! Do not sleep on Crème de la Crème Boutique. Super fast shipping, AMAZING CLOTHES!!!! And the staff are all dolls!”


Hear from more of our amazing customers who adore our work.

“Great live sales. Love the option for wait list. I can go ahead and order my size and style, even authorize my payment and if it becomes available I get it. Returns are fast and so easy. My packages always come within just a few days. And the best part is how genuinely kind the whole staff is. Shellie is energetic and makes me feel like I can wear that, and even gives fashion advise on how to pair this with that. Love this little Oklahoma Jewel!”


“If you haven’t met Shelli then you haven’t met your new best friend! She is the one person in this world that will make you feel SO good about yourself no matter how you feel before you walk into her store. Not to mention she has the cutest stuff you will ever see! If you want the whole experience, go to Creme!”


“Shelli is a Rock Star.
She goes above and beyond to help everyone feel
beautiful and happy in their own skin.
She has helped me more than she will ever know.”


“This review and going through just a fraction of clothes I have purchased is very touching to me. I have not only gained so much confidence through clothes that look good, I have gained friendships with the Crème De La Ladies. I love getting in lives with them and catching up. The owner Shelli is my number one fan and loves when I send her my selfies the moment I open my package. I am on a weight-loss journey and I have never feel more confident in clothes in my life. Shelli is beautiful in everything she does, says and wears and even tries on the clothes to see how we like them. You won’t be able to feel an ounce or sadness around her she is a ray of sunshine and kindness. The team behind Shelli is a force to be reckoned with. Jaquania, Linda and Addi are so stylish and down to earth. Each have their own style and have been doing lives as well. To say this business has changed my life is an understatement. The clothes are such great quality and Shelli knows exactly what each customer wants. You might even catch a great sale every few months to stock up on. Oh and don’t forget about sezzle, where you can split your payments up into four parts. The variety and heart / soul is none other for an online boutique. During the lives you have to have some fast fingers because we are quick! But there is always a waitlist that is VERY successful.”